Flava Restaurant with a white tiger statue in Dream Bangkok.
Dining & Nightlife
Delicious ChefMai foods at Dream Thailand Bangkok
Dining & Nightlife
Evening view  Rooftop Swimming Pool in Dream Thailand Bangkok
Dining & Nightlife
Delicious Thai main dish  at Dream Bangkok
Dining & Nightlife

Dining & Nightlife

No Limits on What Comes Next.

One word to describe our built-in dining and nightlife? Experiential. Unexpected. Playful. Eye-popping. (Sorry, we couldn’t stick to just one.) Sip and savor each of our three distinct flavas while indulging in surrealistic, fast-paced moments sure to sweep you off your feet. Your scene, Dream Bangkok is 100% yours to discover.

Colorful separated tables &chairs in hall at Dream Downtown NYC

Flava Restaurant

A stirring Dali-esque experiment in Western & Thai cuisine, Flava Restaurant introduces the exotic East to the whimsical West. The result is absolutely mesmerizing.

Stylish Cocktail bar with chairs in Flava Lite Dream Nashville

Flava Lite

Sometimes a pick-me-up by the pool is just what the day calls for. That’s what Flava Lite provides – ice cream & light snacks for the hours in-between meals.

Tiger statue with Living room at Dream Hotel.

Flava Bar & Lounge

What do you get when you infuse a trendy nightclub with inspiration from Britain and whimsy from Southeast Asia? Flava Bar & Lounge – a candy-striped fantasyland designed with fun in mind.