Flava Bar & Lounge

Tiger statue with Living room at Dream Hotel.
Cocktail bar area chair in Flava Bar &lounge at Dream Bangkok
Entertainment DJ area in Flava Bar &lounge at Dream Bangkok


What do you get when you infuse an already-trendy nightclub with classic inspiration from Britain and whimsy from Southeast Asia? Why, Flava Bar & Lounge, of course – a candy-striped fantasyland designed with all forms of fun in mind. Modeled after the private wet bar of British designer Sir Paul Smith, its deliciously striped walls, cozy leather couches, attention-grabbing patterns, brightly coloured area rugs, and kooky pink leopard statuettes invite guests to put the world as they know it on hold for the evening (or maybe even a few days.) With a roster of popular live DJs and a calendar full of on-site events, it’s easy to get caught up in the party atmosphere. There are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet. So pay no mind to the full-size pink leopard watching you from the bar – he’s with us.

Temporarily Closed