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No expense spared in the pursuit of our dreams — 
except yours, of course.

There’s probably nothing better than knowing someone who knows someone who can get you an unbelievable deal on whatever you want. You know what we mean - the kind of discount that you can brag to friends (and maybe even family) about for at least six weeks. The kind where you have to pinch yourself to see if you were really awake when it happened.

We’ve been there and done that (take that, mom!), so even though you may not know someone who can get you a hotel stay at that kind of rate, you’ll still be able to boast when you book one of our exclusive packages. Clinically insane? Nope, we just dream big.

Dream Nashville

Dream Nashville

Now Accepting Reservations

In partnership with a local Nashville ownership group and award-winning interior design firm Meyer Davis Studio, Dream Nashville reimagines two historic landmarked buildings steeped in a rich and colorful heritage while maintaining the celebrated history of Printer’s Alley.