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Dining & Nightlife

So you can defer to your alter ego from dusk to dawn (to dusk).

At Dream Hotels, we don’t believe in isolated travel. No matter the city, your exploration – both of yourself and of the place you’ve landed – should be a communal experience. That’s why each lifestyle hotel in our portfolio offers on-property chef-driven dining and entertainment that embodies that locale’s particular character and wit. Let us acquaint you with the culture you might have missed while running all over town to see the sights, or stuck in that extra-long business meeting all day. (Hey, we’ve all been there.)


Dream Nashville Dirty Little Secret

An eclectic turntable mix of everything from David Bowie to Big Pun shines alongside guest players on the vintage stand-up piano at SnitchDream Nashville's relaxed yet proper cocktail den. After dark, guests revel in the seductive energy of Dirty Little Secret, an intriguing nightlife theatre where an ever-evolving entertainment collective takes center stage.