Health & Safety FAQ

We are committed now more than ever to providing our guests with a safe place to stay and play. Which is why, when the time is right for you to travel again, we want you to be aware of the steps we've taken to meet the new health and safety challenges and expectation presented by COVID-19.  Please find Dream Midtown's response to frequently asked questions below.  Should you have additional questions, email us at


Q: Has Dream Midtown updated its health and safety practices?

A: Yes. Dream Midtown has developed a comprehensive health and cleanliness plan for our hotel, restaurants and bars which supplements the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Safe Stay Guidelines and is based on recommendations and requirements of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Department of Health (DOH), U.S. Department of Labor(DOL), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other federal, state and local agencies, as well as information from the National Restaurant Association, our cleaning product suppliers and other partners, to minimize risk and enhance safety for our hotel guests and associates. 



Q: How are you cleaning guest rooms differently since COVID-19?

A: Guest rooms will be left vacant for 24 hours between guest stays, to the extent possible. Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized upon departure in accordance with guidelines provided by the CDC. Afterwards, the rooms will be treated with an electrostatic sprayer to ensure that all surfaces are sanitized. All bed linens and laundry will continue to be washed at high temperatures and in accordance with CDC guidelines. Robes, slippers, paper products, physical menus, throw pillows, and extra pillows have been removed from the rooms and will be available upon request.  All items listed above have been thoroughly sanitized and stored. 


Q: How are you cleaning public areas and restaurants differently since COVID-19?

A: Public areas, restaurants and restrooms will continue be cleaned with the recommended cleaners and disinfectants in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC. Extra attention will be paid to high-touch areas such as door handles, push plates, elevator buttons, thresholds and handrails. All high-touch areas are sanitized frequently.


Q: What is your staff doing to protect themselves?

A: Dream Midtown employees are being trained on progressive cleaning and sanitization guidelines as recommended by the CDC. Staff must complete a health screening, which includes a temperature reading before the start of each shift. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees and/or who exhibits symptoms indicated in the health screening will be sent home. Face coverings will be mandatory for all employees to wear while on property. Hand washing and sanitization will be performed at least every 60 minutes. All shared tools and service areas will be cleaned and sanitized after use.


Q: As a guest, am I required to wear a face mask in the hotel? What about New York City in general?

A: We ask unvaccinated guests to wear a face covering while in hotel public areas.  Vaccinated guests are not required to wear a face covering. You must wear a face covering at all times when riding public transportation, such as the subway, ferry, bus, taxis and car services even if you can maintain distance from others. Face coverings may include bandanas, scarves, and other face masks.


Q: Will the hotel provide face masks or do I need to bring my own?

A: We strongly suggest guests bring their own face coverings. Dream Midtown will provide a welcome kit for guests, which includes a face mask. The hotel will have additional face masks available for guests upon request.


Q: How many sanitizing stations are there for guests on property and where are they located?

A: Sanitizing stations will be located throughout the lobby and on each guest floor.


Q: Is self-check-in and self-check-out available and how does that work?

A: Self-check-in is currently not available. Guests are encouraged to pre-pay for their reservation prior to their arrival through the hotel's digital Credit Card Authorization Form if they prefer an expedited arrival experience. Please contact our team via email at  Self-check-out will be available through a contact-free key drop box located near the front desk and by receiving a digital receipt send via email, upon request.


Q: How are the room keys sanitized?

A: Room keys will be sterilized in a UV sterilizer after each use.


Q: Are you limiting the number of people in elevators?

A: Yes. Elevators are limited to one party at a time.


Q: What are housekeeping services like during my stay?

A: Dream Midtown will offer daily housekeeping services, and without guests in the room. All reusable collateral, including newspapers and magazines, have been removed from rooms. Menus will be available digitally via a QR code provided at check-in. Extra pillows and blankets will be available on request. Specific sanitization consideration will be paid to the following areas: desks, counter tops, tables, chairs, phones, remotes, thermostats, cabinetry, pulls and hardware, doors, doorknobs, bathroom vanities and accessories, bathroom fixtures and hardware, windows, mirrors, frames, lights, lighting controls, closets, hangers and other guest room amenities.


Q: What are in-room dining services like during my stay?

A: In-room dining is not available at this time. To maintain physical distancing, in-room dining orders will be set on trays in the hallway, directly outside of the guest room door and guest will be immediately notified when the tray has arrived. The in-room dining attendant will stand at least six feet away and wait for the guests to retrieve the tray. We request that guests notify In-Room Dining when they are finished with their meal and that the guest place their tray in the hallway outside of their room to be collected.


Q: What venues are currently open?

A: Serafina Restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. PHD Terrace is open Wednesday - Sunday. The Rickey and Fishbowl are temporarily closed.


Q: Is bar service available?

A: Currently, alcoholic beverages will only be available for purchase through at Serafina or PHD Terrace.


Q: Will you have disposable menus or how is the menu available in your dining outlets?

A: Digital menus will be available via QR code for guests to access through their smart devices. Simply place your camera up to the QR code and it will automatically prompt you to open and view the menus. This technology will be available in Serafina Restaurant and for in-room dining.


Q: Is the mini-bar available in the guest rooms?

A: Mini-bar service has been temporarily discontinued. Food and beverage can be ordered through in-room dining and mini refrigerators are available upon request. Mini-refrigerators are cleaned and disinfected after each use.


Q: How is coffee available and what is the sanitization process between guests?

A: Coffeemakers and kettles will be available upon request. These will be disinfected between guests following the guidelines recommended by the CDC.


Q: What are your parking options for hotel guests?

A: Self-parking will be available one block away at the Champ Garage located at 230 West 55th Street, New York, NY. Self-parking is $40 per night for standard vehicles and $50 per night for oversized vehicles. Valet parking will be available through a third party service. Valet parking is not available at this time.


Q: Is luggage assistance available?

A: Luggage assistance will remain available for all hotel guests. Our bell team is required to wear face covering and disposable gloves, and our bell carts will be sanitized after each use. Luggage storage will also be available.