The Bar & Lounge area of Stateside Kitchen at Dream Nashville
 Front view of Bodega Negra at Dream Downtown NYC
Dining room in Naked Taco at Dream south beach.


We found the cure for the common hotel stay.
You’re welcome, world.

Living room of platinum suite at Dream Midtown hotel


Like most fantasies, Dream® Hotels (inclusive of Dream and DRM Dream Hotels) originated from a place of longing. A desire for lifestyle hotels with forward-thinking spaces filled with ultra modern amenities. For boutique establishments where the proverbial line between stay and play was blurry at best, and on-property entertainment connected guests and locals in tangible ways… All this, we imagined, could be topped off with an almost-OCD level of guest service sure to stun even the most seasoned traveler. So, being the entrepreneurial types, we set about bringing this vision to life in 2004. Good was never good enough. We took the familiar and added unexpected touches to what you get.


The result? A lighthearted exploration of all things after dark (and the oh-so-boring daylight hours that follow.) Dream® Hotels (inclusive of Dream and DRM Dream Hotels) encourage minute-by-minute opportunities to discover the alter ego you always suspected but never met. We continue to subscribe to the idea that when you travel, you should not only experience the place you’re visiting – you should encounter the people, too. That’s why our properties are also local hangouts with indulgent restaurants, upscale bars and playfully exquisite lounges built right in. In fact, every aspect (from service to sanctuary) lends itself perfectly to an end that is part social sculpture, part experiential environment.


So if, as the Internet likes to remind us, the future really “belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” then we’re sitting pretty. Not only are our Dreams distinctively beautiful, they’ve been at the center of press and media attention from around the globe. And we aren’t done yet, no way. Our future locations are filling up our to-do lists and we expect them to be filling up yours soon also. Plus, since we seem to keep finding ourselves evaluating progressive new partnerships with world-famous restaurateurs, designers, tech companies and more, we say Dream on!

Current Locations

Spanning some of the most globally renowned markets, Dream Hotels can be found welcoming guests in the bustling atmosphere of New York City, on the colorful streets of Los Angeles and nearly anywhere in-between. And with several new locations on the way, it’s time to discover the other side of yourself.